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Millenniums of war continue! 

The epic begins with Sisters of the Bloodwind as an introductory guide to some of the conflicts and forces.  Burning Phoenix shares more of the other side, Blood Moon Rising adds depth to the conflicts within The Chronicles of Heaven's war.  

Sharing with people some of Heaven's Wars, your comments would be great if you read!

Yes, these are FREE presently, 

in fact there has only been an editor who has read the completed work and the author which means there is limited opinion on the works of the author.

Conversations with Ava D Dohn

SISTERS OF THE BLOODWIND book 1, that is the epics begin
as The Chronicles of Heaven's War PROLOGUE.


The Chronicles of Heaven's War- Book 2, Burning Phoenix is shared with you in eBook form presently.

Also Ava D Dohn has the 3rd & 4th eBooks of the epic available,

With #3- Blood Moon Rising 

Blood Moon Rising

AND with #4- Hell Above the Skies also at

The latest words from the author but please make sure to read the prologue Sisters of the Bloodwind: Book 1 first OR you will not connect with the story as it unfolds.  This post shares updates and the prologue, with the multiple online sites for the first 4 books, presently all shared  at ONLY at the first book in Print has been available at also.